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- Dr. Bob DiCuio



Bob DiCuio, Ph.D., the founder of Wall Street Psych Consulting, is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of helping people achieve their goals and aspirations.  Dr. DiCuio provides expertise in executive coaching, corporate consulting, and providing strategic training programs.

Dr. DiCuio is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Society of Consulting Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association.

The primary mission of Wall Street Psych Consulting is to help professionals and executives within organizations to develop strategic individualized plans to increase their worth within their organization or to their clients.  This can be done through coaching in an accelerated period of time rather than just through training or experience alone.

Coaching usually involves one or more of the following components:

    * Leadership assessment with specialized instruments

    * Strategic planning with specific goals and action steps

    * Step-by-step implementation of focused objectives with timelines

    * Reassessment to assure commitment to achieving change

Services vary based on client needs but can include:

    * On site consultation

    * Telephone based coaching

    * Office based coaching ( click here for Office Locations)


Wall Street Psych Consulting

74 Trinity Place   Suite 612

New York, NY 10006

Phone: 212.797.1186

Fax:  212.202.5144

Our group has the background and knowledge to help you or your company succeed. This site will provide in-depth information about our background and describe the different services we offer. We'll also include information about some of our top consultants.

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