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Emotional Intelligence



- Dr. Bob DiCuio

     Emotional Intelligence

On this page we will describe what is emotional intelligence, how it can profoundly change how you relate others in your personal and professional life, and how to best increase your emotional intelligence skills.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The term EQ, or emotional quotient, was coined to contrast it to the concept of Intelligence Quotient.

While IQ measures cognitive abilities which are considered static and don’t change by the time we are adults, EQ measures social competencies which are considered dynamic and can grow as we mature.

Awareness of the importance of EQ skills can help explain why some very intelligent executives in organizations never reach their leadership potential, or why innovative entrepreneurs can develop a knockout product or service but cannot develop the organization necessary for growing their company.

Why should companies care about the EQ of their leaders?

Because leaders with high EQ are aware of their feelings. Why is that important? Because research has shown that a leader’s own emotions impact the work climate more than any other factor and someone who is self aware will be better able to create a more productive and less stressed environment.

Because a leader who is negative and unaware of his impact on morale will drive good workers to quit. The company will have to pay the price of lowered productivity, and the costs of recruitment and training. A low EQ leader’s behavior and attitudes can be so inappropriate that employees might sue the company and the boss will not have a clue as to what went wrong.

Because salespeople who have high EQ are more optimistic and resilient, and study after study finds that they bring in more sales.

How are emotional intelligence skills best developed?

Knowledge of emotional intelligence principles can be taught through seminars or reading books but most experts agree that it takes at least 3 to 6 months of intense applications of these principles to increase one’s EQ. Daniel Goleman, writing in the Harvard Business Review stated that this process of change could be most effectively accelerated by hiring a coach.

Our primary focus as your coach is to develop EQ skills that most differentiate “stars” from average performers by improving skills such as self-confidence, and a focus on teamwork. Our approach involves learning to identify & use your unique strengths rather trying to focus too much effort correcting your weaknesses. A Gallup poll highlighted in the book entitled Now Discover Your Strengths identified this principle as the best predictor of success and job satisfaction.


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