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- Dr. Bob DiCuio

     Our Background

Our History

Wall Street Psych Consulting has offices in the Princeton, NJ area and in New York City.  The New York City office of Wall St Psych Consulting is located in the Wall Street area, about two blocks from Ground Zero. After 9/11, access was denied to our office for six months because it was in the restricted red zone.

Losing the use of the office for six months was a minor inconvenience compared to the corporate leaders that either lost employees in the WTC, or had to relocate their operations out of the downtown area literally within 24 hours. It was during this time of chaos and confusion that we began to consult more with executives. What we found was that they were more open to talking about how uncomfortable they felt dealing with the fears and anxieties of their employees, or sharing their own concern for fear of appearing weak or uncertain in the eyes of their stockholders and employees.

At this time, we discovered that many of these executives were receptive to hearing about the concept of "emotional intelligence" and how it could help them communicate better with their employees, and help them try to adapt to the uncertainties that they were facing.

During the days following 9/11, it was observed how “emotionally intelligent” leaders would inspire others to follow them, and their employees became even closer than they had been prior to 9/11. Their behavior was studied in contrast to other leaders who were not receptive to looking at how they related to others, and the morale in these companies continued to collapse. These experiences motivated us to begin focusing even more on promoting the use of emotional intelligence, or "EQ", in our coaching work.  For more information about emotional intelligence click here [Emotional Intelligence]


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