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- Dr. Bob DiCuio

     Benefits of Coaching

The 4 Biggest Benefits of Using an Executive Coach

1  Learn to identify & utilize your unique strengths rather trying to focus on improving your weaknesses.  A Gallup poll identified this principle as the best predictor of success in careers.

2.  Identify career goals and tasks to keep focused on the most critical path to success.

3.  Develop "emotional intelligence" skills that have been identified in a recent Harvard Business Review article as the most essential skills which successfully predict who will be the top leaders in an organization.

4.  Increase focus on the 5 critical career proficiencies that significantly improve your chances of reaching the top positions in your organization. As described in the book by James Citrin & Richard Smith entitled The Five Patterns of Extraordinary Careers [ ], these proficiencies are:


        Understanding your value


        Practicing benevolent leadership in your current position


        Overcoming the paradox of getting higher level experience before being hired for the job


        Applying the 20/80 rule to distinguish yourself from your colleagues


        Finding the right job which matches your passion, skills

Benefits of using Bob DiCuio

as your executive coach:

  1.      Strong knowledge of business organizations

  2.     Executive presence

  3.     Strong interpersonal skills

  4.     Psychometric skills in various assessment tools useful to identify leadership skills

  5.     Flexibility & ability to work effectively with a broad range of executives

  6.     Ability to plan, conceptualize, and manage a coaching relationship

  7.     Strong background of learning theories, dynamics of change, and group processes

  8.     Credibility and authenticity

  9.     Able to communicate difficult concepts in clear language and often with a sense of humor


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